A Big Night

Last night, some friends and I got together to watch the movie Big Night. If you don’t know this movie, you must. It stars Stanley Tucci and is about 2 immigrant Italian brothers who own a failing Italian restaurant on the New Jersey shore in the 1950’s.

There is a great cast consisting of not only Mr. Tucci but, Tony Shalhoub, Marc Anthony, Isabella Rossellini, Minnie Driver, Ian Holm, Allison Janney and many more.

We watched after finishing a huge meal and by the time the movie was over, my stomach was rumbling all over again. The food in the film is fantastic.

Basically, in trying to salvage the restaurant called Paradise, a special dinner is set up where a celebrity guest will be appearing in hopes that his presence will revitalize the business. Lots of people are invited and the brothers spend the day preparing a banquet for this big night.

There was soup, chicken and even a roast pig but, the most impressive dish that made every one gasp, was the timpani. It’s a drum-shaped pie containing meat, cheese, tomato sauce, pasta and hard-boiled eggs.

I won’t tell you any more about the movie, but let me just say that watching this movie will make your mouth water and probably inspire you to plan a trip to Italy.

All the best,



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