A Quickie Cruise to Cozumel

Something I really enjoy about living in Florida are the incredible cruise deals that pop up from time to time. Just a few weeks ago, while my son would be visiting, I came across a special 4 day sailing to Cozumel, Mexico from Fort Lauderdale and immediately booked it for us all. The deal was so good that my mom decided she couldn’t resist going either even though she had only just returned from an overseas trip a week earlier. (I guess I inherited the traveling gene from her!)

DSCN0025 Our ship was the Caribbean Princess, from Princess Cruise Lines (famous for The Love Boat.) I had been on this DSCN0150line once before when I was taken on a cruise through the Panama Canal for my birthday present. (Another thank you to my mom.) The ship was very pretty with an incredible atrium at the center where there were bars, a cafe and always some music or event taking place. Having only one stop on this cruise meant we’d spend a lot of time on board so it was good to see there was a lot going on.

My son was very excited to visit Cozumel as he’d not been to Mexico at all before. We decided to plan our own excursion and found a guide with a jeep to take us around. We were taken to a DSCN0098Tequila factory and had a lesson and tasting about authentic tequila. It was interesting to learn that it is made solely from mature blue agave plants (and some aloe) and can only be produced in Guadelahara, Mexico. Tasting these pure tequilas made me certain I’d never buy Jose Cuervo again. We ended up buying way too much tequila but our friends all get to share.

DSCN0133 DSCN0134A bit more driving around and we were all quite hungry so we were taken to the one beach front restaurant (the driver knew would take credit cards.) We had beer and nachos to start  and then we ordered this massive seafood platter that had everything from shrimp to calamari, to octopus to lobster. I don’t know what we were thinking. But, it all tasted so good that we did manage to almost finish everything on the plate.

I had hoped to dive or snorkel there but our time was limited and after all that food I think we all would have just sunk. Good thing the ship was big so we could all get back on board and walk some of that food off.

It was a short but worthwhile little getaway.

All the  Best,





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