Living to Eat

I was very excited to read the Editor’s note in Travel & Leisure magazine this month that confirms my thinking that food and eating is a major part of travel destinations these days. This is what our All the Best with Zita Keeley show is all about.

As I believe, what better way is there to learn about a place than through their food, drink and stories? It’s no wonder that chefs have become celebrities in our society. Each one has to outdo the other to keep our palates satisified and wanting more.

I was very lucky and happy to have met some incredible new and upcoming chefs in fascinating places like Tallinn, Estonia and Helsinki, Finland. But, also to meet and cook with established chefs in Canada and New England. There is something about listening to a chef talk about how they come up with a recipe, or choose their ingredients that makes the meal even more delicious.

Here is one more taste we have for you from Quebec City – Canada


All the best,




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