If It’s Sausages & Beer – It Must Be Germany

It was the first day of this trip when the sun was not shining and instead of a glorious view, a nuclear power plant was the scenery. This is Rostock, Germany.
While we have plans to meet a chef at his restaurant we don’t have a way for us all to get there. Patrick talks our way on to a cruise crew bus that we soon found out was not going where we needed to be. Never mind, we had fun with the crew who seemed to really enjoy being on camera.
We eventually got taxis and made it to Carlos 615 on time. Chef Carlston Loll came out to greet us and then proceeded to prepare a fabulous fish and potato dish with me at his side in the kitchen. The sun came out just in time for us to dine outside with a lovely city view. He not only fed me but my crew and friends as well.
We popped in on a chocolate shop for a quick browse and some tastes before heading over to the old town.
Here is where I found the German food I was looking for – wursts. I had bratwurst, bockwurst and kepwurst ( a wurst I never heard of.)
Washing it all down with a tasty Rostock beer and then a walk to work it off before heading back to the ship (for more wursts and beer.)
It turned out to be a very delicious day (and one of the wurst) 🙂

Cheers and all the best,



One response to “If It’s Sausages & Beer – It Must Be Germany

  1. Z, One of my favorite things to do in Germany too. Bratwurst in a crusty roll (butter like on inside) with a touch of Senf , yum. Overdue for a return trip.
    Cheers, Don

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