Fun Filming in Finland


Our next visit is to Helsinki, Finland that is not known ( yet) for its dining scene but should be since Ihad some of the best food of our trip.
First stop was a food market where I sampled cured reindeer meat on some local fresh bread- delicious.
After a walk down the town’s main pedestrian esplanade where people picnic amd music plays all day and the street is surrounded by lots of fancy shops we were off to our first wonderful gastronomic experience at Ravintola Nokka. This magnificent restaurant on the waterfront has the freshest and best from Helsinki headed by the fantastic Chef Ari Ruoho. After having a blast in the cooking studio with Chef Ari, he and I got to sit down and chat outside in the sunshine with a nice glass of Austrian white wine.
Soon after it was off to Cafe Engel for lunch which was followed by my trying 2 local ice cream favorites – tar & licorice. Crazy!
Our other fabulous restaurant visit was to Spis, a tiny , modern and truly Nordic restaurant with unbelievably unique and interesting dishes- mostly vegetarian. Chef Jaakko Kinnunen whipped up an incredible dish with quail egg and false morel mushrooms. ( My director, Johnny Tsang, gobbled that one up!)
Our day ended with an elevator ride up to the top level of a boutique hotel in town to get a good birds eye view of the area.
I have to say I would definitely return to Helsinki especially for the food.
Off to Stockholm…
Cheers and
All the best,


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